There is a need for the local planning authorities to work together very closely to address cross-boundary issues in development planning and development management. However this requires a common approach and shared information. While the authorities in the South Pennines do liaise very closely, a consistent, shared information base has been lacking and at times this has proved to be an obstacle to efficient planning casework.

In order to address this, one of the objectives of this study was to develop a bespoke GIS-linked database that allows the participating authorities easily to view, update and interrogate information about wind energy development in the landscape. This online database and linked web map are intended to provide a key tool for development management and may also be useful to wind energy developers and members of the public in preparing and reviewing applications for wind energy development.

Note that the database and web map only include wind turbines ≥18m in height to blade tip.

Download the South Pennines Wind Energy Landscape Study here (PDF)
While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this data, the partnership Councils do not take liability for any omissions and/or factual inaccuracies in the data.

A comprehensive set of instructions for use of the database and web map is available here.

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